Unwanted chemicals can leach out of conventional dentures.

But we’re putting a stop to that.

30 years of making dentures and working with acrylic resins have given us an intimate knowledge of the problems inherent in the use of the material—and an edge on the solutions.

Pure Cure Denture Detox® is our flagship product, the first to help reduce the residual toxins and allergens shown to leach from dentures. Now denture wearers can improve the biocompatibility of their denture—without having to visit the dentist.

The product is currently available for sale, with an official launch coming soon. For more information, visit the product site directly at http://denturedetox.com

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Our flagship Denture Detoxification process

Our patent-pending product, Pure Cure Denture Detox® was developed through decades of research, practice, testing, and feedback from patients and dentists.

We originally offered denture detoxification as a dental laboratory service, via our network of Participating Dentists. Now, we have created an adaptation of the original process that enables people to perform denture detoxification at home.

Learn more about denture detoxification in our Free Report on Denture Toxicity.

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