Fifteen years ago, occupational exposure to denture toxins brought one dental technician's health—and his family—to the brink. After learning about denture toxicity the hard way, they dedicated themselves to creating products and services that address the toxicity of dentures and other dental devices.

About Us

Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC, is the creator of Pure Cure Denture Detox®, the first product to remove toxins and allergens from dentures. Typical resin dentures can leach toxins and allergens into people's mouths, and our products allow people to remove harmful substances from their denture safely and affordably.

Our patent-pending process and materials dramatically reduce the toxins and allergens that leach from conventional denture bases, and we are soon to expand our product line to enable consumers to detoxify other resin-based products such as mouthguards and dental retainers.

For years, our California dental laboratory provided denture detoxification services to patients via our network of Participating Dentists. For patients to have their denture detoxified, they had to undertake costly dentists fees. In order to grow the number of people who have access to safer dentures, we endeavored to create a product that would enable people to skip the dentist and detoxify their denture themselves. In mid-2014, we began phasing out our services to dentists, and are now expanding into over-the-counter products.

Pure Cure Dental Technology, LLC, is the originator of the concept, processes, and practice of detoxifying dentures for enhanced biocompatibility. We are also the leading provider of information for the general public about the toxins and allergens found in conventional denture resins (for more information, download our popular free report).

We are a minority woman-owned small family business.


To provide innovative products and services that minimize the toxins and allergens in denture resins and improve the standard of care in the dental prosthetics industry.


We are a family company.

CEO Merinne Mesku, a summa cum laude scholar and practicing dental hygienist... More »
Merinne is a Registered Dental Hygienist in California who graduated summa cum laude from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. As a scholar and a licensed clinician in the dental field, she has the unique opportunity to connect directly with her patients, understand their concerns, and answer their questions. She has a passion for health and has developed wellness campaigns for other industries.

Co-founder Melissa Mesku is a rights advocate with a background in environmental science... More »
Melissa Mesku is a writer and editor committed to fostering an informed and compassionate citizenry. A graduate with honors from the University of California at Berkeley, she holds a degree in environmental science, policy, and management. As a co-founder, Melissa is currently our head of operations and communications.

Co-founder and creator Mark Mesku is an expert dental technician who has been custom-crafting award-winning dentures for nearly 30 years. More »
Mark is an award-winning technician with 30 years of experience in dental laboratory technology. Voted the top technician in California by the state’s largest dental HMO, and promoted to Director of Laboratories, he has been recognized as an expert craftsman specializing in removable and implant prosthetics. Mark has been a dental laboratory owner-operator for the past thirteen years, and early on was an accredited dental technology instructor. He started his career with seven years as a clinical in-house laboratory technician, and in 1996 he was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy from his exposure to methyl methacrylate from the process of making dentures. Years later he returned to the laboratory to develop a line of products and services that make dentures safer. He is dedicated to improving standards for an industry that nearly cost him his life, and creates products that safeguard denture wearers’ health.


We formed this company around our revolutionary patent-pending processes and materials, but we are on a mission far bigger than that.

As the originators of the concept of denture detoxification, and as the leading dental laboratory offering biocompatible denture services, quite a lot rides on our success. The products and services we provide can impact the health of up to 50 million Americans and untold millions of denture wearers abroad.

Are you interested in improving the standard of care in a growing field? Are you excited to take part in shaking up the dental industry? Learn more about becoming part of a great family company with unlimited opportunities.

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We are actively looking for experienced executive leadership and a sales team to help take us to the next level. Contact us for more information.


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NOTE: Our website discusses the issue of denture toxicity. If you are interested in obtaining our products because you are experiencing what you believe is an adverse reaction to your denture, we are glad you found us. However, we cannot advise individual patients about their unique healthcare concerns. If you have dental-related concerns about your health, please see your dentist. Your dentist is your primary dental care provider.


Our Pure Cure Denture Detox® product line was developed at our California dental laboratory.
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Interested dentists and dental professionals are welcome to contact us. Please note we are no longer admitting new dentists into our Participating Dentists’ network. As per California law, our dental laboratory does not serve patients directly.

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“I was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy from working with methyl methacrylate in making dentures.” Read Mark’s story in his own words »

As I write this, I’m 56 years old, and I’ve been a dental technician for over a quarter century.

In making dentures for a living, I worked closely with acrylics. About 7 years into that line of work, I found I had some health problems. I began having symptoms: lack of concentration, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, extreme irritability, dizziness, numbness, all kinds of different symptoms that a then-42 year old man shouldn’t be having if he were in decent health.

For several years, I had been going to my private physician, and we were trying to figure out what was wrong. We were considering stress – sure, I was under a lot of stress, but I think a lot of people suffer the health hazards of stress. It was about September of 1996 when I just could not function any longer. I had severe anxiety, feelings of not being able to continue; no desire to live, even. So I knew something was really wrong.

I went to another doctor, a company doctor of the company I had been working for at the time, which I suppose shall remain nameless at this point. I was sent to several other doctors that worked in the field of industrial medicine. I went through several neurological tests – very painful tests, I might add, where they basically stick needles in these nerve points in your feet and your hands, and run a low voltage charge between these points... nerve conduction studies, I believe they were called.

After many episodes of these tests, I was diagnosed with demyelinating toxic neuropathy caused by industrial toxins in the workplace, specifically methyl methacrylate from years of making dentures. My doctor, a clinical professor of medicine at USC and board certified internist and nephrologist with a specialization in toxicology, opened my eyes to research and recommendations about methyl methacrylate exposure that I was unaware of.

Through his help, I was able to obtain a lot of information and started looking into a number of studies. He also gave me invaluable suggestions, namely that I should never work with this material again. However, at that time I was already 43 years old and the insurance company handling my case decided that retraining me so that I wouldn’t have to work in this industry anymore was out of the question. They put attorneys on me to water down my doctor’s diagnosis of my condition.

Reading some of the fact sheets and studies regarding this substance, methyl methacrylate, I see how plain it is why I was sick; the symptoms described were the same symptoms I was having. Weakness; numbness; changes in the functions of nerves, affecting the autonomic nervous system; reduced ability to concentrate and remember; sensations of pins and needles, it goes on.

I took three years off, recovering and researching. I did some fishing, let’s say, to find out exactly why technicians in the dental industry were not shown how to sufficiently protect ourselves, or shown the extent of the need to protect ourselves in the workplace. I’ve put in many years now, spending countless hours at university libraries, researching and collecting studies, talking with other technicians, conducting experiments on my own time in my laboratory, seeing what works, figuring things out through all the technical jargon, and speaking with chemists in the field of wet chemical analysis.

I did return back to denture production in late 1999. I’m still working at it, and thank God not as haphazardly or unaware of the downside, the hazardous side, of these chemicals. I’m much more educated today in how to protect my health – but only because I’ve found out the hard way, and done the research myself. No other dental technician I’ve worked with has been aware of the severity of health risks inherent in working with denture acrylics. I’m very concerned. I’ve met many other technicians over the years, especially in the last 12 or so years since I became aware of the health effects of working with methyl methacrylate. I find that many technicians working with dentures have the same symptoms I had, and this is just from casual observation. I can only imagine what their health – physically, neurologically – might be like down the road.

Since returning to the bench, it’s been at the forefront of my mind: what can the technician do to ensure his or her own safety? What can the technician do to minimize the risk that these chemicals may pose to the denture wearer?

Through my research and some years of trial and error experiments and extensive testing, I have found a way of reducing or in some cases eliminating these toxic substances, keeping them out of the denture, keeping them out of the human body, in an effort to help people live stronger, longer, and to not suffer the terrible health effects that I have suffered by exposure to these chemicals.

I’m happy to say that I’ve created methods that produce the safest possible resin-based dentures out there. That’s what I put the Pure Cure Denture Detox® name on. My methods, materials, and processes are the best I’ve found anywhere, resulting in beautiful dentures that are simply better for people’s health. This is how I make dentures locally in my dental lab that services the area I live in. I will be greatly relieved when one day in the near future people all over the country will have access to these dentures, too.

—Mark Mesku, 2011

For the full story on denture toxicity and how to safeguard your health, be sure to check out our Free Report on Denture Toxicity.

Before we developed our line of services for denture wearers, we worked to change policy and shift the industry via our consumer watchdog group. Visit our blog to read more »